Everyone Wins

Whether you’re thinking of changing careers or you want something to do on the side, there is always room for growth at a place like Primerica. Here are a few Primerica Reviews that might help you to jumpstart the decision.

In Virginia Beach, Virginia one employee wrote at Indeed.com that,

“Everyone at Primerica is very personable and all trying to achieve the same goal of growing their business through the roof! Everyone helps everyone and they are constantly trying to better the Primerica name!”

One of the District Leaders in New York had these insights on the Primerica Reviews site.

“The is a part time sales job. The typical day for me is meeting individuals for business and or training the team. I have learned that working with people can be fulfilling and rewarding. I have also learned to motivate, inspire and challenge the team to achieve their goals which will achieve the company’s goal. Management is the visioneer, the individual who maintain quality and keep the company on track to achieve it goals. We are a team not just co-workers working together to achieve one objective.
The hardest part of the job is recuiting new individuals. The most enjoyable part of the job is working with people.”